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I think I need to change my evening attire. It’s something that I would like to refine and explore. Here’s my evening outfit history.  See proof of how tall I am. We were all wearing heels but i guess I’m half giant or something. You can wear black, but not when your mum does 🙂  I can do floral too. Any yet again my mum is wearing floral, what is this mother daughter dressing?? 🙂 I can wear black and blue/purple ( oh yer that’s my Scottish Nanny, she’s awesome) and my brother

 Oh and red, green, black, white, blue, purple,pink etc 🙂 ( my ‘elf’ costume) maxi- paisley anyone?? yes please,  I wore this to the 13 summer ball when I was in 12 and to my 18th birthday 🙂

So I think I need to have a new evening style, I don’t know if I want something more edgy say struttlamode edgy or high- end/ mature like the blonde salad. Don’t know but i’ll keep you posted? Iam going to post my next evening outfit ideas/ and actual evening outfit, and lets see if there is any change 🙂

I wore

maxi dress – biba

black dress – george asda

other black dress – pussycat london

pink floral dress – h&m divided

crazy multi coloured dress – h! by Henry Holland

Prom dress ( purple) – some posh old lady shop.