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Clearing through my clothes is a large task, and one to not take lightly. I’m very stuck in my ways of wearing really old things. I have something from year 9 that I still wear. I have decided that I don’t have a particular style therefore I need to be able to mix and match throughout my wardrobe. my style I would say ranges from skinny jeans, a checked shirt and trainers to a pair of high heels, an evening dress and something unusual ( people wouldn’t think to put them together or do that) Therefore I need to clear out and update my style. I really found it useful to look at blogs that inspire me as a way to decide on the best step forward. In terms of pieces of clothing I need and what best suits my shape.

Here’s what I did 🙂 It’s all over the place. Things not in the right place. No wonder I NEVER have anything to wear 🙂Now lay all your clothes out onto your bed or floor so some tidy space. ( not the karaoke machine the whole houses only way to play CD’sGoing down each panel from L-R we have: cards photos box then, clothes which are fancy dress clothes, trousers, summer dresses, evening dresses. Bottom shelf is sewing machine and Chinese dolls house.

Middle section is memories, swimming stuff. Shelves: ‘special’ tights (the ones that I really love to wear, most are House of Holland then there are jumpers (note don’t hang them up because they stretch) last shelf: scarves, hats, gloves all in a hat box. The undies draws. And finally bottom shelf is paintings I did and programs and fashion scrapbooks.

Last section: summer tops, tops i made myself, t-shirts, winter tops, evening tops and smart tops. Then cardigans and jackets.

Having all your clothes laid out lets you see what you have and how to pair them together. I have some new ideas about some outfits because of this and a list of what is missing. mainly trousers jeans and shorts.

Hope this was, helpful, interesting or something.