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 While shopping on market day, in Machynlleth, Wales.I stopped in this interior design shop that had plates and tiles everywhere. I went into the sale section ( as you all do) and saw loads of Clippy bags. ( cartoon eyes with hearts in them) These were exercise book covers and purses ( you rip out the front over of a magazine and slide that in the front) I was really undecided for about half and house then I bought the pencil case 🙂 On the label it was £9.50 but when we went to the till it was £5 BARGIN. 🙂  

History = my mum got me my first Clippy kit bag. Which was a 6 pocket shoulder bag. Mum also bought some Clippy stickers to decorate with. Mainly the stickers were clothes, shoes and bunny rabbits. I have since re-decorated about 50 times. Photos of friends, movie shots, shoes I’d love to buy, tickets, fabric swatches. The list is endless. ( This was my school bag for about 2 years)

The next Clippy kit that I got was a folder 6 pockets to customize to my hearts content.

I now in my Clippys I have old photos that come in cigarette packet of modern beauties, a mirror, lipgloss, badges, business cards, tickets, old ID, a magnet, photos of me as a child on holiday and stickers to name a few.

The BagImage

The FolderImage

The Pencil Case (new)Image I have never had a Clippy with a colour so I bought the pencil case that had a silver top and pink zip. I think that it makes the Clippy look me ‘finished’ as in expensive due to the details added. I have noticed that the quality of all the Clippy products that I have are amazing. When I first got the bag I thought the quality would be similar to a photo album. As in if you put in a picture it would rip the seam that divides the section. But oh no. I’m able to put my hand in the pockets and the seam doesn’t even budge. 🙂 And they’re cute. xx