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I broke my phone about 2-3 months ago, I left it outside all night in the rain Woops. And only found out when our neighbour came round to give it to me. It was so water logger that I couldn’t do anything with it. Here began the ideas about getting a new phone. Being an 18 year old sponge mean that I couldn’t buy the new Iphone 5 and the only one I could really afford was one that my Aunty getting rid of. Now it’s not an Iphone 5 ( thank god, me track record isn’t that strong) It’s a very lovely Iphone 3 http wtf cba. Or something.

Now to the point of the post: Instagram: A free app that I very use and love to much. Now I have the phone I have the app, and other related apps. I love love love the collage ( collaga?)

Here’s what I did, it’s a twist from the normal outfit photos.

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( I have a pink bucket on my head if that helps 🙂 )

Love xx