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The photos of U.S.A!! Only from Manhattan ( 5 day holiday) These photos aren’t outfit photos or project photos they are just classic ‘I’m on holiday take photos of everything’ photos. ( one classy sister)

( Alice and the ladies coat in the middle was really cool, this statue was amazing. I got all little girly and climbed all over it while all the little kids stood by it)( This bad boy was so sickly it was crazy. Couldn’t even eat half of it)

( To me this is very much classic Manhattan, how I picture NY to look like all the time. So How I Met Your Mother)I got ‘nice top’ and ‘I love your top’ In the space of four days. From Century 21 and a good hair day for me 🙂With the yellow bag in the pissing rain on the last day.

So ready for Angry Birds Star Wars style.

Love xxx