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I love Halloween, even more I love any excuse to dress up. Here are some of the costume I have worn over the years. Mostly from a when I was quite a bit younger and curlier. 🙂

One of the camels in The Very Grumpy Camel, my primary schools Christmas play. I was really chuffed about getting the part because I blagged my way into the role. 🙂 I said I new Alice The Camel. ( on stage all the time seamed like a good idea in the audition but it turned out that wear in plastic back pack and velvet for over an hour under lighting.SWEATY!

Robber costume for a party at the local library 🙂 the bags were filled with air from the hoover and S.W.A.G  was written on them.

(I think this was from a school Christmas Play  ( I a snow flake) and for the hell of it a butterfly face paint job.

Fairy Princess. mucking about.

Army Princess. Only time when it’s ok to wear a Princess while climbing trees.

My brother as a dalmatian for his school float and me dressing up as Esmeralda because I felt left out.

Me on my 2nd birthday. A pink and white party.

I really like this even now 🙂

And Probably the best costume of all.

My mum made my costume for Bugsy Malone. I was in Primary school and managed to get into the Secondary school production. What do you think.

love xxx

P.S. please don’t copy photos 🙂