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I went to the Making of Harry Potter studio tour as a voulnteer with the Guides. It was amazing. I’d read some fashion blog posts about some girlies what went. They kept an tight lead on the photos (not here) It was sooo amazing!! I love Harry Potter, so much so that went the book first came out I had a Harry Potter birthday party!! ( my baby sitter was Ron) And I think I love it even more now.

Photo overload:

Love the young McGonagall, I want this picture in my house.

A clue to the outfit I wore?

Mrs W’s best ever cardi!!!

This Grandfather clock was amazing to see, all the detail made me want to take it home 🙂

Arh it’s so amazing !!!

The best witch outfit ever! Nice and crazy xx

Will you go to the ball with me!!

The details are amazing one everything. The 4 costumes of the same thing are all destressed in the same place. Infact the details in everything the flag stones in the great hall EVERYTHING! Even the evil Umbridge’s costume had crazy amount of detail look.Just like her personality U’Bridge is all pink and fluffy on the outside but look a little closer and there is some evil and darkness to her. Or small gold skull buttons with green eyes.Again with the office. Pink and fluffy but with dark doors.

In theory I really wanted to love this, the description I really liked. But no it was not to be. It was so horrid that I didn’t have more then two sips. The sweet froth like ice cream and squirty foam and cream soda and cola. WHA??

Just has a snooze on the night bus. The weather was really bad. And here is my owl-fit for the day:)

After the snooze I went to have words with the fam’ about how they are treating Harry 🙂 Quite disappointing that you couldn’t go in 😦

Mum and me after about 1hr 1/2 walking round next to some chess pieces.

To close for comfort

I can do a pretty good mandrake noise 🙂 #proud

I want this sign for Christmas

Me dressed in owls next to owls. hootArtists sketches, photos and digi prints of scenes and moments in HP. One of my favourite.

I really went ‘HU! wooow’

I really want a wand made just for me it’s so magical and perfect. I really wanted to pull them all out and look at them 🙂

My souvenir of the day A Chocolate Frog. Much better then the ones from Tesco all that time ago.

I have missed out huge parts of the tour but I could go on forever. You really have to go. It’s so interesting. When I was little I used to think that I was in the Harry Potter movies and Now at 18 seeing behind the scenes it makes it more believable to me, that I was really there. xx

Love and spells xxx