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At The Clothes Show live with my photographer for the day my partner in fashion crime, Lucy. We arrived the night before by train and spent the night in a hotel. At The Clothes Show and after some ‘do you know where we go’ we finally made it to the lounge and camped out stuff down, then headed onto the floor. We started at the cosmetics entrance but worked our way all over the floor and finally with a grand finally at Suzuki Fashion show.

tumblr_meqgj5m2R31r63hh6o1_500 (1)tumblr_meqgisDk1n1r63hh6o1_500 (1) Fight for Gemma Collins

tumblr_meqgiq4BzN1r63hh6o1_500 (1)The finalists of Britain and Ireland’s Next top model

tumblr_meqgiiDPlg1r63hh6o1_500 (1)The hotel

tumblr_meqieiR52W1r63hh6o1_500BB from Dirty Sexy Thing was one of the models 🙂

tumblr_meqieiOamJ1r63hh6o1_500tumblr_meqie35qz91r63hh6o1_500Love xxx