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These are the things that I got The Clothes Show Live. I mainly bought make-up as I haven’t bought any in quite a while. I think there is a make-up rule somewhere that says you shouldn’t keep make-up for longer then a year. I have some stuff that’s about five years old. So it was high time to get some new make-up in and throw some old stuff out.

I stopped by the models own stand that was packed with every colour of nail varnish under the sun. I bought the goodie bag and I was able to pick two nail polishes on top of that. The Clothes Show Live official glitter polish Show Stopper and a shiny navy one called Dream Stream, clippers, liquid eyeliner, nail art pen, pencil eyeliner, lip liner, nail buffer, applicators and eye shadow , lip balm and lip gloss. I thought this was a really great goodie bag and I’m glad I got it. I also have another polish but it’s gone walk abouts. ( adding similar to a pile of goodies that I’m going to be using as a giveaway in the new year.

I bought yet another goodie bag, this time from Rimmel. I got the glam rock version as I like an edger look when it comes to make-up. In this I got a trio pallet of eye shadows three nail varnishes (00 diamond dust, 260 funtime fuschia, 100 pearly queen) and a mascara that makes my lashes look amazing.

On top of that I bought a simple mid way ring from The Bohemian Collective, a grey t-shirt with a bunny on from Brat and Suzie, a grey vest top with glittery skulls on from Punky Fish, nail foils and eye tattoos from Claires.

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next year I’ll go with a game plan.