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I have a wedding to attend on Friday, Hi S, Hi D! I have finally bought a dress that i’ll show you all later. The Ugly is the bag that I spent about 2 hours looking for in town today. I finally found something close to what I was looking for in Peacocks. I wasn’t willing to sepnd £15-£20 on a purse. So I’m gonna make my own.

Now it has a snake skin detail that I think looks really bad. ( I was going for green accessorise) I decided to make the black snake skin clutch a green clutch that would go with my dress.

So you will need: Super glue, fabric, fabric paint, a clutch bag, scissors, and anything else you might like to add.

diy green bag 001 diy green bag 002 diy green bag 009 diy green bag 012 diy green bag 014 diy green bag 016 diy green bag 022Cut everything out; your flowers then sew them through the middle, I did three layers then add a bead to the middle. Mine are green Swarovski. Then paint your lace the colour you want it to be. ( hang it to dry, I put mine over a coat hanger for 2hrs) Then decided where you want everything to go and sew on. Don’t forget the back. I added flowers to my shoes as-well  I did get a few compliments throughout the evening.diy green bag 020 diy green bag 021Not really sure why my lips are black in the first picture. The coat doesn’t really go, without the coat the whole outfit looks so much better. I might be doing some more DIY posts in the future.

Cost: bag:£6, fabric:£1.89 per meter, green crystals: about £2.

Much cheaper and you get to tell people you made your bag and customized your shoes. Woow

love The Curly Haired Girl xxx