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Or should I say higher circles ( only joking)

I went the a Parkinsons dinner and dance a while ago and my mum ‘chatted up’ the Society magazine photographers. She knew who they were because she’d had her photo in a previous edition. This time I was in the photo, flick to the back pages and you’ll see me with mum and dad 🙂

I think it’s the first event magazine I’ve ever been in. Other then being in the local paper in primary school for being on the summer parade.

tumblr_mj7auqVj2W1r63hh6o1_500 tumblr_mj7fkxNeEz1r63hh6o1_500I think the photo makes me look a bit odd. Such as the angle I’m stood at makes my nose look pointy and the ‘robe’ jacket makes me look like I’ve eaten all the pies.

Any whoooo!

I wore

purple robe (jacket) – vintage

glittery top – century 21 (New York)

jeans – Asda

blue satchel – accessorize

love xxxx