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My day was really exiting, I sat my theory test and passed it :). Even more exiting was buying socks today, only joking. I did spend £6 in H&M on socks though. Has anyone else fallen In love with everything in H&M of late? Also the stuff in Zara is beautiful.

I’ve jumper late onto the band wagon again, Collars and necklaces. I’ve worn this combo quite a few times, but out of weirdness. I wore necklaces that didn’t work properly. But today I think I hit the nail so to speak.

theory test 006 theory test 001 theory test 002 theory test 003 theory test 004 theory test 005


Really not smiling at all here for some reason. I should have the biggest smile on my face right? Closer to driving and all that.

I loved this shirt when I first got it but then i fell out of love with it a bit. But today I thought, yes that is what I want to wear. The necklace has neon strands under the collar which makes the necklace. But you can’t see it so the jewels add some luxury to the outfit.

shorts – diy

shirt – Matalan

denim shorts – Asda

zap bag – Internacionale

necklace – new look

love xxx