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A little inspiration for you, and for me. I don’t know if I’m going to make this a regular thing, but we’ll see.

I cried the other day at work. I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. But also I’ve never been told I’ve done anything right. So I cried. The meaning of all of this is  I’ve decided what I want to be ‘when I grow up’. I’ve been interested in acting and after watching so many films. I did drama at GCSE and A level and loved it. I think finaly I’ve been given the push in life to go for it. Ya know after getting shouted at and all. Here are some photos of me in shows and things.

tumblr_mcq1l0rafk1r63hh6o1_500 (1) tumblr_mcq0yaxjlm1r63hh6o1_500 (1)The one of me as a camel for the Christmas play ‘The Very Grumpy Camel’. I was one of the camel’s sisters. Really proud 🙂 Then the one of me with blonde hair was as a party girl In Primary school, for Bugsy Malone. I was in choir and was asked to help out Secondary school. It was really great, all though the foam from the gun dyed my foot for a few days.

This is a picture of me from the local paper. Secondary school did West Side Story I was a shark. I photo bombed the picture, i wasn’t meant to be in any of the pictures for the paper. But I didn’t want to miss out and a chance to have my photo taken doing something I love.

west side storyOh yeh! I really hated wearing that skirt though, it was my Aunty’s she’s 5ft 2. It’s a tennis skirt haha. with built in shorts. God it’s so short. Haha.

So that ‘Action Plan’: Acting classes, work, auditions, auditions auditions and so on. I’ve read so many things on acting and what to present to casting people that my head is a little fuzzy. Also I’ve got to think of all my skills, such as skiing. Then head shorts. I think I’m gonna really give this all my effort.


Lots of love xx