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When I first put this outfit on my mum commented that I looked Russian. This isn’t the first time someone thought I was Russian. Don’t get me wrong I like the thought of people thinking I’m from another country. I try to dress a little differently from British styles, so for someone to think I’m not English. 

I haven’t worn my hair in a doughnut for ages, the way it’s turned out I quite like. All my pink hair is tucked under so it looks like I’ve got a pink hair band around my hair, cute.

Russian craft 001 Russian craft 003 Russian craft 005 Russian craft 007 Russian craft 008 Russian craft 010 Russian craft 013 Russian craft 014Belt – Bay

dress- Topshop

jacket – red herring

Rings – Romwe

Also I bought a new bag today because my blue satchel is falling apart.

love xxx