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This is a very exiting month, I think the most exiting thing for me is the press launch for the South Coast Fashion Week. I’m really lucky to be part of the official blogger team. I’ll be at Aruba in Bournemouth taking photos and celebrating the start of something really special. A fashion bloggers nightmare is not having anything to wear to events. I have no clue what to wear 🙂

Do you remember the last fashion event I went to?? It was Clothes Show Live 2012 I wore a leather sleeved mini dress which was great, but it was cold and in Winter. Maybe November? nanny's party 015

I don’t think this is the right look for the end of July. Humm? might have to go and have a long hard think 🙂

Head over to their website have get exited about fashion in the south 🙂 http://www.southcoastfashionweek.co.uk/

love xx