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I’m really sad that summer is over, but I love autumnal clothing combinations. Wooly jumpers with animals on wool tights and cute skirts. I think I’m a better dresser in autumn and winter. I like to get creative, with clothing combinations. Also about this time I also start to think about what my Christmas outfit is gonna be.

Until I have a few days off of work and some time to post my outfit I’ll leave you with some of my favourite photos. Also im gonna be an Aunty any day now 🙂


I love this oil slick dress by Henry Holland so much.


This was taken in my hotel room in New York I loved my hair like that, I really miss it.

Wedding times in February!


After the chop a few days, I think I was filming for a friend that day.

Summer time legs.
P.s. I’m trying to sort out some exiting things in my life for they year to come. I didnt get on my college course so what to fill the year with exiting things then in 2014 go to uni and study fashion journalism or something. Also I will post about fashion week. All my photos seem to have disappeared 😦 xxxx