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Well I’m looking more and more life Forest Gump these days. I’ve been at the hospital all morning and was x-rayed and poked and I’ve been given a new brace. Also an MRI has been booked which is quite exciting. But this isn’t a post about my knee problems this is a post about my new handbag. (I’ve just noticed that when I say handbag out loud I say hambag)

I love a green bag, I would call this colour winter forest green. The two delicate studs on the front a one of the added details that I really love. A only have one other barrel bag which I never use because it’s make most expensive and it’s my favourite. ( also the black leather has turned grey 😦 ) im the sort of person that keeps everything in her hambag. Tissues, more then one pen, make-up, keys with key rings attached, note book, paper work, etc. 🙂 xxx






I love it so much! It’s from TK-Maxx in the sale it was only £15 what? Yep that’s right 🙂