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Have you downloaded the most addictive shopping app ever? No? Well what have you been doing?!

I first heard of Trace over at the bloggersrequired.com, where bloggers and brands are able to work together easier. Trace is the new app that lets all users know where you bought items you love. You take a photo of your item, hashtag it and ‘@’. Then click on ‘traced at’ this will let everyone who looks at your item know exactly where you bought it, so they can get one. Click on which category it most falls under and post. Also you can link your Trace account to Face Book and Twitter.

I downloaded it a few days ago and spend every spare moment looking at what people have bought. If you love what someone bought you can ‘Wishlist’ that item (your very own shopping list)
This app is so addictive, it may even rival my addiction to Instagram.




I hope you all go download Trace and see what I have bought most recently, follow me at Milly Boswell.

love xxxx