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With the weather being so great recently I drove mum and cousin Soo to Shaftesbury. I’ve been going to Shaftesbury for as long as I can remember, so I was more then happy to drive all the way to the Hovis Hill (the Hovis bread advert was filmed in Shaftesbury)

We arrived around lunch time so stopped into the best deli ever, Turnbull’s half deli half eatery. Since I last went its changed around a bit but its still the best place for lunch. We ordered the smorgasbord for two, which came with most delicious chutney and pickle I’ve ever eaten ever!




If you over go into Turnbull’s take home some Ale Chutney or Extraordinary Pickle (life changing)
Salami, fresh bread, sun dried tomatoes, olives, two cheeses, ham, pâté and anchovies.

After we had stuffed we tried some toffee vodka from the deli. The sweetest vodka I’d ever had and no horrible burning sensation. So strange but delicious. We then made the rounds of the shops. Many independent shops such as Mine (my favourite) charity shops where mum picked up a 1950’s hand warmer and a porcelain bunny from the USSR which we have been researching ever since. We went into the gift shop to end all gift shops, Cranborne. I’ve received many gifts over the years from this shop and it’s defiantly the place for the cute and special gift. My favourite was a little post card saying ‘wish you were here’ and a pair of beach ball earrings.

We picked up some patent, purple high tops which are amazing.

I’m super jealous of Alice as they are a gift for her, I would love those. So after another look round the shops we’ve missed we headed into Indulge a tiny little cake cafe for a spot of tea (we British do love tea) I decided to go against the norm and went for The Works.

Oh my this was huge and filled me right up, more whipped cream then I ever thought could sit at the top of a mug and marshmallows everywhere.

A trip to Shaftesbury wouldn’t be complete without a token picture at the top of Hovis Hill.

Also go and have a look inside the Abbey it looks like something out of a book from the outside. I believe it was founded in 888!

If you do go please leave an comment saying what you loved the most. I love to hear what you have to say.