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A little hair history for ya. When I was a little shipper snapper I used to ask the hair dresser to cut my hair longer. I understood that cutting you hair meant that you’d have less but still I asked. I always wanted long lush hair that reached my belly button. ( I used to pretend my towel was may hair) but having slow growing curly hair meant that the closest I ever got to long hair was about boob length.

Enough talk about long hair because I have no hair!

Ok I have short hair, a sort of relaxed bob if you will.
I was trying on dresses for a wedding this Friday and thought ‘ cut it off, cut it ALL off’. So I have short hair. I’ll keep you guys updated as to how I manage curly short hair but right now I’m loving my hair so much.
The last picture I took before the chop.


And after.




Thank you Toni &Guy xxx