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I didn’t just go shopping on my resent trip to London I stopped over at London Dungeons with Rianne and Jacob. I went just before lunch time and the queue to pay was huge. Luckly someone just canceled so was nabbed their place.
When I think about attractions and scary amusements I think I love them but I was so scared walking around London Dungeons. I think at one point I crossed over from scared to hysterical. I cracked jokes all through Sweeney Todd, made friends with the rat catcher and wiped away buckets of eyeliner and mascara that was pouring down my cheeks.
I would defiantly recommend going, but £25 is a bit much, look out for 2for 1 or discount days. Of course there are photos taken which you buy at the end, I think the photo at the end is the one to go for.

Of course there was a before photo but you will never see the after photo ( it’s so bad) I was crying with laughter when it was on the screen in the shop.
To cool off after Dungeon walking we headed to Joe and the Juice. I had the banana and mint shake. It was ok but I think something was missing.



Skipping around London isn’t complete with out a stop in Covent Garden for some entertainment.
I love London so much and want to to the Christmas market this year.
Love xx