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I was very kindly invited over to Triumph’s new bra launch, at their concession in Beales in Poole. The Magic Wire bra which uses silicone strips that contour to your bust. I bought along my Aunty.
Getting fitted for a bra has changed to much from when I got my first bra. No tape measure was used. At Triumph the lady that fitted my Aunty just looked at how she sat in her bra and then was able to see which areas were great and others that needed more support.

The Body makeup magic in nude was the first bra that was tried. I liked this one but on more olive skin it didn’t look as cute and delicate as it did on the paler model. I’m defiantly more of a bright colour or black bra kinda girl.



20140906-194124.jpgmy Aunty decided to go for this bra.

I love the two tone and the nude bow and straps. This bra is defiantly up my alley, a sexy number while still offering support and coverage with matching knickers. When they do my size I’ll be getting this baby. This ones called Contouring Sensation.




Don’t forget to pop into store or go online.
A huge thank you to the lovely lingerie team at Beales and the lovely lady from Triumph.
Love xxxx