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There is nothing I love more the a little pamper session to get into the Christmas mood. Who is the best at pampering? Lush of course . I’ve used Lush products for years and am always looking for new ballistics, bombs, lotion and positions to try. I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.


20141109-013237.jpg Northern Lights // Father Christmas // Butter Bear // Shoot For The Stars // So White // Golden Wonder // Cinders // Wizard // Snow Fairy shower gel // Celebrate body lotion.
My favourite has to be Norther Lights, to strong smelling and a party in your bath. Drop that little suck in and watch him fiz away. You end up with some amazing colours and little stars.

20141109-013842.jpg Golden Wonder smells like champagne to me and looks rather exciting, a little gold present that rattles.

I think I’ll use Father Christmas on Christmas day to really get into the spirit of the day. A piece fell off and I can see what colours my bath will turn into and I really can’t wait. But of course Christmas Eve will be used on Christmas Eve.
I’m very into strong smells and I love the Smell of Cinders sort of Christmas cooking/ Christmas candle smell. I definitely need this in a candle.

If you want your skin to be extra special have a butter bear and feel like Cleopatra.

Of course you can’t be lady muck and have a bath every day so when you are on the go shower with Snow Fairy shower gel.

20141109-015529.jpg Snow Fairy shower gel, which is also known as heaven in a bottle. It’s a very sweet sent almost like pear drops, but it’s not sickening so you could use this every day. Creates great bubbles when lathered up. If smelling like a Christmas fairy wasn’t enough you can feel soft and supple with Celebrate body lotion. A light citrus lotion that makes even my dry as a bone skin into the softest of soft.
Of course who could forget about Wizard. I really don’t want to use this little guy up because I think I might miss him ( how crazy do I sound)
Love xx