Lush Lips


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While shopping in Lush I picked up some of their makeup range. Now I never think to have a look at their makeup, I’m normally to destracted with their bath bombs to really have a look. I didn’t realise but I got all lips products.

Perspective lipstick/gloss, It Stared With A Kiss lip tint, Honey Trap lip scrub.

As you guys know I love honey so Honey Trap is my favourite. It’s a super light lip scrub that takes away all the dry chapped skin from your lips leaving them moisturised ( and a little bit kissable) It Started With A Kiss apparently tastes/ smells of apples. I think it’s more of an apple cider smell. Having never used a lip tint before I didn’t really know what I was getting. It’s a very bright red tint. Which I’m not sure goes with my colouring. If you are an English rose this tint is perfect. Great summer day colour.


20141130-004905.jpg Perspective lip stick/ gloss is really on trend. The 90’s look is really in and this fits the nude lip idea but still maintains a modern edge. It’s very pigmented and has a shimmer. I have dark lips naturally so the light pigment doesn’t sit well but I really wish it did because I love wearing it. It looks like dark lip liner and nude lip combo, which I don’t like. I think a paler skinned girlie would look great wearing this. It does dry my lips out (allergy to roses) but a Honey Trap sorts it out.
All in all in very surprised that lush make up is so great. Although I haven’t got the colour toning quite right I really can’t wait to try out some more of their range. I love the packaging, the cute little screw lid tins and the droplet bottle. I can’t wait to try some more things out. See you soon.
Love xx




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The post is all about the class on the tartans. If you have followed my blog for a while you will know that I’m not afraid to mix and match patterns and colour and I like to clash things together. I love a mini dress and paired it with black tights and my New Look maxi scarf. The dress is a muted tartan so I get away with the clash. You will have already seen my rings in you follow me on Instagram


While I was out I spotted these lovely rings that I couldn’t not take home with me.



Aren’t the gorgeous.

I wore
Dress – H! By Henry Holland
Scarf – New Look
Fox ring – Bill Skinner
Ring – TK- Maxx
Love xxxx
P.s. I’m going to the Clothes Show this year with some lovely girlie mates and I’m so excited!

Pampering at Christmas


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There is nothing I love more the a little pamper session to get into the Christmas mood. Who is the best at pampering? Lush of course . I’ve used Lush products for years and am always looking for new ballistics, bombs, lotion and positions to try. I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.


20141109-013237.jpg Northern Lights // Father Christmas // Butter Bear // Shoot For The Stars // So White // Golden Wonder // Cinders // Wizard // Snow Fairy shower gel // Celebrate body lotion.
My favourite has to be Norther Lights, to strong smelling and a party in your bath. Drop that little suck in and watch him fiz away. You end up with some amazing colours and little stars.

20141109-013842.jpg Golden Wonder smells like champagne to me and looks rather exciting, a little gold present that rattles.

I think I’ll use Father Christmas on Christmas day to really get into the spirit of the day. A piece fell off and I can see what colours my bath will turn into and I really can’t wait. But of course Christmas Eve will be used on Christmas Eve.
I’m very into strong smells and I love the Smell of Cinders sort of Christmas cooking/ Christmas candle smell. I definitely need this in a candle.

If you want your skin to be extra special have a butter bear and feel like Cleopatra.

Of course you can’t be lady muck and have a bath every day so when you are on the go shower with Snow Fairy shower gel.

20141109-015529.jpg Snow Fairy shower gel, which is also known as heaven in a bottle. It’s a very sweet sent almost like pear drops, but it’s not sickening so you could use this every day. Creates great bubbles when lathered up. If smelling like a Christmas fairy wasn’t enough you can feel soft and supple with Celebrate body lotion. A light citrus lotion that makes even my dry as a bone skin into the softest of soft.
Of course who could forget about Wizard. I really don’t want to use this little guy up because I think I might miss him ( how crazy do I sound)
Love xx

Change Up


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My jeans are part of my day to day uniform. With winter closing in, I’ve had to change up my day to day. The combination of grey and blue is something I could wear every day. I added the smallest pair of silver hoops I could find to add a little sparkle. I switched up my foot wear to these black pirate style boots, which I got for a snap a few years ago. Ofcourse I wore my Red Herring coat and tartan scarf.





Did I mention I love the colour blue?
I wore
Top – George
Jeans – New Look
Boots – old (similar)
Bag – Lulu Guinness
Hoops – (similar) love

Sakura Blogger Event


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Sakura is a new Japanese style bar that has opened in the heart of Bournemouth. I along with many other bloggers and fashion lovers were invited to a Japanese fashion and cocktails evening. Fashion and cocktails is my kinda thing. I slipped into an all black outfit and dashed to the town centre, just in time to watch a presentation about the origins and future of Japanese fashion. The ever so lovely Hannah Jean from Find My Style was our speaker. We were given a little tutorial of oragami tea dresses which was a fun little keepsake for the evening.

Did you know that Sakura means cherry blossom? Me neither. After the origami we were given the opportunity to have a cocktail making master class from the lovely bar ladies. The cherry blossom, is cranberry juice, amaretto, cherry brandy, vanilla syrup and a cherry .

20141016-221504.jpg of course there was SAKE! There were so many different flavours that I didn’t know where to start so just stuck with some Sakura.

The interior is incredible, the wood floors, the pinks, reds and blues and the dark acsence. Did you see the ice bucket tables! It looks like something out of a movie.


My getup.





Dress – (similar)
Shoes – Newlook (sexy version)
Jacket – Vintage
Bag – Lulu Guinness
Earrings – Claire’s, Topshop
A huge arigatō to Sakura, Hannah and Phil Mclean for the interior photos.

French Pinafore


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I had my fingers crossed for some cooler weather, the day started off well but the it was super sunny and hot. When I want to wear a boots and tights combo please don’t let the sun shine, thanks.








The sheer sleeves make a hard look much softer and the only detail is the little blue flowers on the cuffs.
I wore
Dress – Topshop
Tights – Primark
Shirt – Monsoon
Boots – Topshop
Coat – Red Herring
Sunnies – Primark
Bag – Fiorelli
Beguiled lipstick – Topshop
Earrings – Claire’s Katy Perry collection
Love xxxxxx

Wedding Guest


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A family friend had a two day wedding fest, I guess that is the only would you could use. The bride wore Welles and we sat in a marque in a field. We had hog roast and lamb I liked the lamb but loved the Greek salad and specially made chutney and apple sauce.


I wore this dress to my cousins wedding in June, do you remember? I decided to wear it again with a more winter feel.







To say these shoes are the best leg lengthening and slimming shoes ever would be an understatement. They are the most comfortable pair of high evening heels I have and at £5 you cant go wrong. I really do love the New Look sale.



I wore my vintage purple jacket which goes great against the green and the red. I even got a compliment ( ha ha) I added red lips for a little more of a winter vibe.

I wore
Jacket – Vintage
Dress – Kaliko
Shoes – New Look
Bag – Primark

Lipstick – Sephora
Lip liner – Models own
Eye shadow – Makeup revolution (Superdrug)
Foundations – Rimmel stay matte, beauty uk
Mascara – Rimmel Kate Moss
Victoria Jackson – cheek bone contouring
Benefit Smokin’ Eyes – Eyebrows
Maybelline -Baby Skin pour cover.

Love xxx

Vintage Jacket | Lunch


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A few days ago I went to the Golf club for lunch for a little treat. I decided to wear something a little smarter, I love mixing bright colours so the mix of purple and green is my favourite.







I wore
Jeans – New Look
Peplum top – Kaliko
Jacket – Vintage ( label says Garey Petites)
Necklace – Mona Mara
Mary Janes – Accessorize
Bag – Lulu Guinness

Tanya Burr nail polish – New York Night
Estée Lauder – rose tea
Scandaleyes eyeliner – Rimmel
Love xxx

Triumph Magic Wire Bra


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I was very kindly invited over to Triumph’s new bra launch, at their concession in Beales in Poole. The Magic Wire bra which uses silicone strips that contour to your bust. I bought along my Aunty.
Getting fitted for a bra has changed to much from when I got my first bra. No tape measure was used. At Triumph the lady that fitted my Aunty just looked at how she sat in her bra and then was able to see which areas were great and others that needed more support.

The Body makeup magic in nude was the first bra that was tried. I liked this one but on more olive skin it didn’t look as cute and delicate as it did on the paler model. I’m defiantly more of a bright colour or black bra kinda girl.



20140906-194124.jpgmy Aunty decided to go for this bra.

I love the two tone and the nude bow and straps. This bra is defiantly up my alley, a sexy number while still offering support and coverage with matching knickers. When they do my size I’ll be getting this baby. This ones called Contouring Sensation.




Don’t forget to pop into store or go online.
A huge thank you to the lovely lingerie team at Beales and the lovely lady from Triumph.
Love xxxx

Vintage Quarter


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Did you know Bournemouth had a vintage quarter? A few couple of years ago neither did I. I did however I’ve been to the Vintage Fair a few times. I Spent an hour in the Vintage district with my grandma and mum. All along Christchurch road is where you’ll find the best stores. We went to Clobber which I think is my favourite store. Every inch covered in amazing clothes and accessorises. I was a definate kid in a candy store. We went into the men’s section first because I love hats but have a big head so mens hats normally fit. I did try on a smashing grey tophat but didn’t get it. There was a great leather jacket. Blue and grey, style biker jacket ( I think it was a grand prix jacket) £45



Actually you can see the jacket hanging on the end.




If you haven’t been over to the vintage quarter you are missing out. If you love vintage this is the place to go, or if you just need some fancy dress ( Halloween is soon)
Other shops to check out .
For the best furniture head to Decades of Design.
The Attic. A vintage boutique
This Is Vintage. Amazing retro store.